How to become a partner?

It's easy to become a partner. All what you need to get customers to order our services, and you will receive a percentage of our income. Before starting get to know all of our services, fill out the contact form and we will send you an identification code (ID ). By this ID we can determine that the client has come from you. This code will also be a discount coupon for this customers you get involved. For a more detailed description, see below "System Partnerships"


How much I can earn?

ЕIf you are an active and purposeful person, your average earnings could easily exceed 3,000 euros per month. It all depends on you and your desires! We pay up to 35% of our revenue from the sales order, but for the most active partners, we have special offers.

System of Partnership

Our system is very convenient for both partners and for involved customers.
After registration, we will send your special identification code (ID).
For customers who get involved by you, this code is a discount coupon, so it is easier to determine what the client comes from you, and you can more easily offer our services with a coupon code, which reduces the cost of services up to 50% depending on the order.

How to involve clients? See following advices!

We will talk about how to involve clients, which methods could be used and which is the best way to start earning money. You should remember following: your success in your hands!

1) Friends / Acquaintances
One of the easiest ways is to offer our services to your friends or acquaintances. You can do this in the meeting, or to make an attractive text and send it by E-mail / ICQ / MSN, along with discount coupons (ID)

2) Internet
Internet allows to find many clients. You can create topics in different forums with our services and coupon codes, or send letters to companies directly, you can find in various online directories.

3) Telephone conversation
This way takes less time to achieve a result. Searching clients by reference book, choose company, call, and offer services with a good discount.

4) Visits
It is the most effective way. You visit potential clients, speak, offer services with the best price, your aim is to get interested a potential customer.