If you desire to obtain a loan, or if you need refinancing your debt, our Company will help you.


we undertake required measures to ensure safety and security of financial means of our customers.


Within the next 24 hours, our expert will contact you to finalise convenient for you time of meeting.



We assist in attaining prosperity of Estonia and, by and large, the European Union, as well as well-being of our employees and founding shareholders by means of handling financial matters of our customers, investors and partners.

We work for our people and country
Our purpose is to let money work for your own good. We know what and when and how should be done to convert money into capital and multiply capital. We create new financial opportunities for the country as we know the individual cost of each component of capital and contribute our managerial culture to the growth of capital. We are certain that a more reliable capital investment allows investors to have much more confidence in the future, and your confidence is a recipe of success and well-being. We are able to ensure the proper reliability of your capital investment.

We give people confidence about the future
As we are a reliable partner for our customers, people are willingly co-operate with us and entrust us with their money. By virtue of care and diligence of our prudent employees and advanced technologies, we are able to offer the full line of financial services. Our business directions allow opportunities to acquire residential property, multiply capitals, ensure the confident future for children and develop business. We operate at maximum efficiency, which benefits every customer. We assume calculated risks and provide opportunities for any business to grow and develop.

We are proud of our activities in European Finance Group OÜ Ltd
A characteristic feature of our Company implies -- apart from offering services -- our rendering assistance to our customers in finding the best financial solutions, which contributes to implementation of their plans. It is important for us that every our employee meets customer requirements and strives to find optimal solutions for every customer, which would be also beneficial for European Finance Group. We seek to deliver new opportunities both for our customers and partners, shareholders and investors, for ourselves and our colleagues, and by and large, for the country where we live and work


We will stand first

Our Company is a unique innovative project, which has actively and unprecedentedly established itself and conquered dominant positions in the financial markets of Estonia and the EU countries through timely implementation of advanced technologies and permanent improvements in organizational management.

Such is our immediate future. We expand our presence in the Estonian regions, in the EU countries and other international financial centres, which are strategically important for us. We are self-confident and we are young, talented, ambitious and dynamic.

Emerging as a unique leader is that drive which guarantees our success in the long-term perspective. We are open to innovative approaches and we continuously carry out modernisation by means of implementation of new technologies and improvements in our management. We are success-oriented and we develop in line with up-to-date trends in our efforts to generate new directions, which are necessary constituents of multi-functional business system evolved by our Company.

Our main advantage is our well-managed and coordinated teamwork of skilled experts, who understand and share the Mission and Values of our Company, and also, implement the best practices of finance management, thus contributing to successful development of entrepreneurial activities.



We are an integrated whole

The corporate values work for higher quality of services and better satisfaction of our customers and employees. When realising the targets of our Company, we prize the following values above everything:

Good name. Our reputation is the basis of our relations with people. Our customers are well aware that European Finance Group OÜ Ltd stands for quality, reliability and decency. We highly appreciate confidence that is paid to us and understand that our good name is the most important capital. We are careful in our actions, as they shall be ethical to make money work for creative purposes.

Honesty. We reveal due respect and follow the norms of professional and moral ethics in regard of our partners and customers. We build up our work on trust and honesty, mutual benefits and quality of rendered services, as well as reliable execution of obligations.

Reliable relations with customers. Our relations with customers are of open and creative character. We highly esteem every customer and we seek after creation of long-term relations, which would satisfy both customers and us. We treat customers` confidence with due care and seek to justify their confidence. Thus, we hope that loyal customers will use our services again and again, and that they recommend our services to their relatives, friends and partners.

Team spirit. Our team as an integrated living entity works toward a common goal. We create conditions for career and professional growth to develop intellectual potential of every employee. Our relations are based on mutual respect, mutual help and confidence. Our employee is a person who consciously and honestly fulfils his or her obligations and works with maximum efficiency, solving complicated and sometimes unusual tasks to achieve outstanding performance and who never shrinks away from responsibility.

Patriotism. We are conscious of being a part of the state and we contribute to its development. We care about the location where we live and work. We care about our country and our Company. Our work multiplies the wealth of the society, both material, and also, spiritual, as we work for the sake of prosperous Estonia and European Union.

Family. We feel certain that a close-knit family strengthens the society, and in its turn, a stable society strengthens the nation. We work for better welfare of people, for harmony and peace in each family.


The strategic target of European Finance Group OÜ Ltd is to become Number 1 holder of credit-related financial instruments at market value by the year 2021.



As to the period from 2011 to 2012, European Finance Group OÜ Ltd has established the following priorities as intermediate tasks to be achieved by the Company in its way to the major strategic target

  • ensuring maximum profitability of the business;

  • diversification of loan pattern book and items of income;

  • improving quantitative and qualitative indices of customer base;

  • involving the best experts in the field in the Company manning list; professional developing of the employees;

  • building of the brand awareness;

  • improving the quality of servicing the customers;

  • implementation of innovative services and improving technologies;

  • improving operative efficiency;

  • developing the network of the Company representation offices;

  • searching alternative channels of sales.




The major objectives to be achieved by European Finance Group OÜ Ltd by the year 2012 include the ensuring of profitability and operative efficiency of the business. To attain these objectives, European Finance Group OÜ Ltd has set for its employees the following key tasks:

  • ensuring the growth of offering the services due to the qualitative constituent of customer base;

  • ensuring maximum margin ratio at admissible risk level;

  • increasing the share of commission income;

  • updating the line of provided services by means of implementation of up-to-date streamlined products;

  • improving the level of servicing the customers;

  • enhancing the brand awareness of European Finance Group OÜ;

  • upgrading  the workflow software and operations;

  • expanding the functional Web-instruments of the Company;

  • expanding the network of sales and services channels.




European Finance Group OÜ Ltd has set its goal to secure its leading positions in the credit market by means of effective developing the business directions. Over the longer term, that is, by the year 2012, the main directions of the business development will be as follows:

  • securing leading positions in the market of private credits, domestic and international financing, factoring;

  • developing a stable basis of income to be diversified through proper increase in scopes of commission revenues;

  • implementation of the service model to deliver services of the highest quality, with maximum use of customer potential.

For business direction of "Small and Medium-Sized Business" the priority objective up to the year 2021 will be joining the top ten of European financial companies on the basis of positioning credit portfolio in the segment of small and medium-sized businesses (SMB).

Our main efforts will be directed to resolve the following tasks:

  • creating unique offers;
  • arranging the system of complex qualitative servicing customers;
  • differentiation of sales-and-service-oriented channels at different customer segments.

Intensive development of retail direction of the business as a key factor of success in the complicated economic situation in the market allows increasing profitability of the business. The objectives of this business direction up to the year 2021 imply joining the top ten European companies in terms of involving financial means of sole proprietors and legal entities. The priorities of European Finance Group OÜ Ltd related to the retail direction comprise the following:

  • creating a universal product model;
  • improving the quality of servicing customers, developing the programmes of loyalty related to involvement of borrowers;
  • developing channels of remote servicing and improving partner programs.

Our attractive projects comprise sales of a number of products/ services, i.e. deposits, investment services, credit services, construction, deals in sales and purchases of real estate property, starting up a dealing centre to buy and sell shares and futures through the Internet, a financial aid fund, producing and sales of decontaminating agents, disinfection, deratization and bird control to be carried out abroad, starting our hosting services, financing new WEB 2.0 product.

European Finance Group OÜ seeks to achieve leading positions in the European market of financial services.

The success in realising our tasks will be facilitated by skilled use of accumulated synergistic effect generated by activities in all the business directions. Another important and contributing factor is our adequately defined planning of the activities, efficient exchange of knowledge and information among the employees of our Company, reasonable delegation of authority and efficient co-ordination of current activities.

In connection with the above, the general priorities related to all the business directions European Finance Group OÜ Ltd up to the year 2021 are as follows:

  • active developing of combination sales;
  • maximizing the quantity of offered products and services per a customer;
  • increasing the share of commission revenues and other non-interest income in the total income.

Among the priority tasks related to the strategy of the Company, we can underline the following tasks: active implementation of up-to-date technologies aimed at the complete cycle of strategic management, which includes analysis of factors related to external and internal environment, defining tactical and strategic targets, long-term planning, cascading the strategy, monitoring and providing the system feedback.


Quality of Servicing

In our activities we seek to create long-term relations with our customers. Every customer is important for us, that`s why we treat confidence of our customers with due care and apply maximum efforts to satisfy needs of every customer.

Common Standards

Throughout the Company of European Finance Group OÜ the common standards related to the quality of servicing customers apply. Daily monitoring carried out in the Company as to compliance with the standards allow our regular obtaining information on the quality of servicing. We continuously improve our servicing, taking into account changing needs and expectations of our customers.

European Finance Group OÜ Principles of Customer Services:

We work professionally - our customers are satisfied and happy to approach European Finance Group OÜ again and again.

  • Our skilled employees give replies to any questions within the framework of the Company activities.
  • The wide range of services being offered by us is intended to satisfy needs of the most demanding customers.
  • We care confidence of our customers and seek to justify their confidence.
  • We are responsible for our actions.
  • We abide by the code of business ethics and we safeguard operations of our customers. We do not perform any actions, which may damage business reputation, intangible or material interests of our customers.

We are polite and well-wishing, as every customer is an important person for European Finance Group OÜ.

  • Politeness and goodwill are the characteristic features of our customer services. We seek to ensure comfort for our customers, as well as a feeling of personal significance.
  • We apply maximum efforts into our actions, as they shall be resulted in maximum benefits for our customers, and thus, resulted in their stable positive attitudes and loyalty towards European Finance Group OÜ.

We know the value of time of our customers and we perform our actions quickly and qualitatively.

  • We seek to reduce and minimise waiting time of our customers.
  • We perform in compliance with the rules and procedures established in our Company.
  • We seek to attain maximum efficiency when resolving any task and we reasonably distribute the resources.

We appreciate any testimonials of our customers as their opinions about our work provide opportunities to introduce improvements.

  • We approach to claims of our customers with understanding and readiness to consider the situations.
  • We are thankful to customers for drawing our attention to existing problems.
  • We try to resolve problems of our customers quickly and with maximum efficiency.

We inform every customer on our actions as to remedial measures caused by his/her dissatisfaction.




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