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We have made significant progress in the sphere of Internet technologies beyond several years. Today we provide high quality services in the international market. Our company has an extensive range of services. You can learn more in the relevant section. Speed of our work is very high and it is pleasing to see the result. We work with all countries and you can contact us at any time.


Website development

Ready website


Ready website with all the basic functions. Included logo design, corporate identity, website hosting, domain name & advertising.

Online Shop

from 2000

Online store, is well suited to sell your product through the Internet.
All changes and additions occur via convenient administration system. To manage the shop you do not need any special knowledge.

Premium Website

from 3000

Premium Website is a very elegant solution for your business, it is convenient for a small amount of information that includes an exclusive design with animation.

Global Project

from 10 000

In this solution includes dating sites, social networking, news, gaming portals and other sites designed for large volumes of information



Soft Effect

    250 /month

Submission your site in the 30 most popular Internet directories and 100 other world.
Submission your site to search engines Google, AOL, Bing, MSN, Yahoo, ASK.
Guaranteed over 100 potential customers in a week!

Mega Effect

    1000 /month

  Submission your site to 100 most popular Internet directories and 500 other world.
  Submission your site to search engines Google, AOL, Bing, MSN, Yahoo, ASK. 
E-Mail Newsletter to over 50 000 addresses.
Advertising on social networks Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Orkut, Lover.fm
Guaranteed over 500 potential customers in a week!

Google advertising

    1000 /month

Placing your website on the top of the search engine Google, and can be placed on other search engines.


Development of simple and complex logos.
 € 150

Business Card
Obtain a business card for every taste.
 € 99

Draw large and small booklet.

 € 300

Design magazines,possibility to make entirely both the cover and the magazine, including text and photos..
€ 1700


Design for Website
Are working on a separate design for the website "templates" as possible and implement the template into a ready site.
€ 300

 Advertising poster
Create a design for large-format posters or poster advertising.
€ 1000

Intro for TV
Create a screen saver graphics for television and animation. Video graphics is suitable for TV.
€ 1000

Develop a design for any packages, such as food or beverage.
€ 300

Public transport
Engaged in design of advertising on public transport.
€ 500

Other types of Design
If you are interested in other designs, please contact us and we will try to arrange you with the necessary design.
On request


We suggest the development of animation.It could be animated promotional or informational videos, lasting an average of 10 minutes. Animation is a good opportunity to present shortly or in details main information for your activity.

We design Flash animations and video animations for personal web sites, Youtube, or for television, high-quality format HD.


Econom Solution
 Up to 5 changes per month 
 Virtual server for the website. (100 MB) 
 Monitoring the website 
 Prevention of failures and errors
€ 99./month

Light Solution
 Up to 10 changes per month 
 Virtual server for the website. (1000 MB) 
 Monitoring the website 
 Prevention of failures and errors

Silver Solution
 Up to 30 changes per month 
 Virtual server for the website. (3000 MB) 
 Monitoring the website 
 Prevention of failures and errors
€ 499./month

Gold Solution
 Up to 300 changes per month 
 Virtual server for the website. (Unlimited) 
 Free domain name registration
 Monitoring the website 
 Prevention of failures and errors 
 Monthly backup
 Virtual cell storage
€ 2199./month

VIP Solution
 Regular changes at any time 
 Virtual server for the website. (Unlimited) 
 Monitoring the website 
 Prevention of failures and errors 
 Changing elements of website design, update design 
 Adding new features / functionality 
 Removal of viruses 
 Protection against hacking 
 Weekly data backup 
 Virtual cell storage

Data storage
This service is very good and versatile their capabilities, we provide a virtual space with unlimited storage capacity, on which you can download from any computer or download information. Virtual space saves you time and money, you need not buy CDs or download files to other external media, they can forget or lose, and the virtual server will always be available.
€ 100./month

Our goal is your success!

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